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    Agent update/upgrade solution


      Hello everyone,

      I'm new to McAfee ePO just so you know. I've been trying to read documentation and search for a solution for my problem but couldn't really find it so here it goes.

      I want to automate ePO a little, we have around 300 devices in our enviroment and I'd like to set up a task to update/upgrade( I don't even know what the correct term for it is) agents that are versions 5.0.2, 5.0.4 to 5.0.5.

      I can't seem to find the option to update the agent under the client tasks.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

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          Couple of questions:

          1) 5.0.5 been checked in to the repository (make note of the branch)

          2) Also make sure that you have checked in the 5.0.5 extensions / agent key updater

          3) How are you currently deploying products (Software / Product Deployment or Policy Client Task Catalog)


          However you have configured your deployment; where you see the "agent" listed, use the drop down to choose the correct agent to deploy.

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            Hi Radu,


            Please follow the below steps to create a task to upgrade the agents to 5.05 version.


            1.Download the extensions and agent package from McAfee Product download page.

            2.Log in to epo console --> menu --> extensions.

            3. click on install extensions -->  choose the downloaded extensions file --> Install.

            4. After up-gradation of extensions, check in the agent package in the master repository.

            5. Menu --> master repository --> check in package --> Product or update --> choose the agent file --> next.

            6. Select the preferred branch for check in --> Save.


            Till now packages and extensions has been installed in ePO. Now client task needed to be created for up-gradation.


            1. Menu --> client task catalog --> Select McAfee agent on the left pane --> New task --> product deployment.

            2. Give the desired name for the task --> select the targeted platforms (i.e Windows) --> chose the package 5.05 which you have checked in Master repository and set the action to Install --> save.


            Now apply the task to a test group.


            1. In system tree,  create a sub group and move few machines to the group.

            2. Select the sub group --> select assigned client tasks on right pane of the window.

            3. Select actions --> new client task assignment.

            4. Under product window --> select McAfee agent.

            5. Under task type --> select  Product deployment.

            6. Under task name --> select the task which you have created in client task catalog click on next.

            7. change the schedule type based on your requirement, Ideally Run immediately will work fine --> next.

            8. Click on save.


            All set. Now give wake up agent task to the machines under the newly created sub group. Machines will upgrade to latest version. Post performing all the necessary testing you can apply the same task globally.

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