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    Unable to Find Repository During DAT deployment


      I have ePO 5.3 with VSE 8.8 P8. When I deploy latest DAT I am getting the error "Unable to find a valid repository"


      I have verified repository list, only ePO server is set. Also no proxy settings are defined. How to resolve this error?


      I am getting the followng error in McScript_error file



      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 licmgr  Downloading file from https://lc.mcafee.com:443/LicenseServer/LicenseWS.asmx/MLNodeUpdateCheck failed.

      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 creposi Error trace:

      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 Thread [Main thread]->

      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 SessMgr [initializeScript]->

      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 creposi [setNextRepositoryToUse]->

      2017-05-04 16:27:45 E #4516 creposi  Download is allowed from the McAfee repositories but error condition found. Error code:-2. Error message: