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    Do we need MSGBUSCERT if we have NO other product than MCAFEE/INTEL brand?





      If we have no foreign SIA-certified product connected to the Mcafee Infrastructure (MWG,ATD,EPO,TIE,DXL)

      do we in any form need the "MSGBUS Update package"? Does this come with any Agent since 5.0.1 anyway.

      So if we don't want to connect any products DO we have to update that?


      It's not fully clear from the Release Notes of the agent.


      IT SAYS:


      McAfee Agent 5.0.1 supports third party integration, such as integration with software developed by SIA partners.

      For these third party software to communicate with McAfee Agent, the software should have Message Bus Certificates for mutual authentication.

      We have added MsgbuscertupdaterPackage.zip on SDM and other source locations which will certify third party software to communicate with McAfee Agent.


      Just for the understand.