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    DLPe Outlook issues


      DLPe 10.01

      Office 2013


      We have implemented DLP Endpoint to a test group of 50 workstations prior to a campus rollout.  We have seen extreme slowness with the Microsoft Office suite of products, including crashing Outlook.  I have modified the policy and removed the email filtering to no avail and can not remove the Outlook DLPe plugin.  Very frustrating.  Has anyone had luck with removing the DLPe Outlook client?  Any solution for the Microsoft office slowness in general.  These workstations are on current hardware and running Windows 7 - 64 bit.  Also these workstations are not file systems that move much HIPAA or PII data.  I've modified and thinned the dictionaries from common used terms and words as well.


      Any input is appreciated,