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    ePO Policy Catlog


      Hi there

      I am using ePO 5.3.0. In my Policy Catelog, I see two options I would like some clarity on:


      1. Routes: I see three different routes. -; 172.16.0..0/12-;

      Should these three routes be set like this even if my network is


      2. Real Protect Settings: What does this do? I see one of the executables is outlook.exe

      We are having an annoying problem where out Outlook 2016 client freezes for a few seconds when you are typing an e-mail, and mail is being received at the same time. I discovered that disabling the on-access E-mail Scanner resolves this issue, but obviously this is not recommended practise. So I was wondering whether real Protect Settings is connected in any way to the On-Access E-mail Scanning and the fact that it makes Outlook freeze for a few moments when an e-mail is being delivered.




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          Not familiar with Policy Catalog / "Routes"; is this for ENS? Sounds like a FW or web content policy.  As for Real Protect:


          Real Protect scanning performs automated, real-time behavioral analysis to detect zero-day malware which is undetected by static detection methods.. Uses signature-less machine learning with minimal client footprint and performance impact. Real Protect stops known threats by comparison and analysis of established malware attributes, then combats and convicts the unknown using behavioral and memory analysis. Real Protect unpacks executables to detect sophisticated threats using obfuscated code variants.

          Adaptive Threat Protection

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            Hi @tao thanks for your reply. The Policy Catelog can be found when you click "Menu"

            Then you click on Policy Catelog

            Then you click on "My Default"


            Is there no-one else who is able to assist?

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              All three ranges are default settings (out of the box ePO policy); covering all IPv4 address ranges for private networks (your IP range is covered). I believe McAfee was just trying to help with configuration by prepopulating routes with default private networks.