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    Who can help?? about patch 2 patch 3 and patch 4

      i was trying to install new ePO server, and using SQL server 2005.

      in the installation process of ePO, it's asking for authentication type (windows and SQL) if i choose windows authentication, the ePO patch 1 and 2 are able to install but patch 3 can't.
      however if i choose SQL Authentication of ePO server installation, all patch (1-4) can be installed completely.

      the question is how to solve this problem? if the existing server using SQL express or the existing server can't switch to SQL Authentication mode.

      plz help

      thanks a lot happy
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          I just spent a wonderful two days dealing with this issue. Is this perhaps going onto a VMWare machine? Why can't it switch to SQL authentication? As far as I know the options in SQL Express say "Windows Authentication" and "SQL and Windows Authentication", it won't do SQL only
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            yes, it happens on ESX server
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              Enabling SQL Authentication in SqlExpress
              Enabling SQL Authentication

              You need to enable SQL Authentication on the machine. This is complex in SQLExpress and you need to edit the registry. Copy the following lines of text onto a Notepad and save it with extention .REG.
              -------------COPY BELOW---------------------------------
              Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

              [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQLServer]
              -------------COPY TILL THIS---------------------------------
              STEP2: Double Click on the .REG file to change the registry. This change the Authentication Mode to enable SQL Authentication.

              STEP3: Restart the SQL Server Express Service or reboot the machine for registry change to take effect.

              Next, you need to add a user with SQLLogin. To do this: Login to SQLExpress using Express Manager and run the script below:
              USE MASTER
              exec sp_addLogin 'appuser', 'password123'
              exec sp_addsrvrolemember 'appuser', 'sysadmin'
              USE db
              EXEC sp_adduser 'appuser'

              In case you want to reduce the privilege for the user then you can specify something other than sysadmin, but we can think of that once this works.

              Now change your connection string as follows:
              connectionString = "server=.\\SQLExpress;uid=aspuser;pwd=aspuser@123;database=cartridge;";

              is this ur method or u have another easier one?
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                that was not my method, i followed these instructions:


                But to be honest those instructions were not working. i had to backup the database and reinstall the EPO application and during installation set it up for SQL authentication by default using the above instructions and after the patches were applied I switched it back to Windows authentication.