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    ENS 10.5.1 Migration: Event 1119, Unable to update AMCORE on Mcafee Agent 5.0.4 after ENS 10.2 to 10.5.1 Migration


      Warning for all who migrate from 10.2 to 10.5.1! any feedback welcome > esp. on the 1-2 Reboots the Migration needs and we have not seen with other customers.


      Event 1119, Unable to update AMCORE Content and Scan Module with Mcafee Agent 5.0.4 after ENS 10.2 to 10.5.1 Migration



      Customer had a running and working EPO 5.3.2 in German client environment.


      What was done?

      During a migration scenario with Agent 5.0.4 and ENS 10.2 we wanted to update to ENS 10.5.1.



      After the Update for the “Platform” and “Endpoint security Threat Prevention” we had following problems:


      • AMCORE Content did not update > By Task > By Enduser GUI “Jetzt Aktualisieren” “Update
        Now” turned RED
      • Error on German Clients: Fehler bei der Aktualisierung. Siehe Ereignisprotokoll, Event ID: 1119
      • Downloading file from https://eposerver006:443/Software/SiteStat.xml?hash={15bbaf26-2e42-16e7-37b9-8be54700e4e7}
        to C:\Windows\TEMP\SiteStat.xml failed. (Manuel open of XML in browser worked fine)
      • Migration from 10.2 > 10.5.1 > Clients needed to reboot 1-2 times to get the second
        part “Threat Prevention running. That may be by design for 10.2 to 10.5.1 but
        we had other cases where this worked (This seems to be how it is EVEN with
        Framework 5.0.5). We had one customer where this worked in ONE during a 10.2 to
        10.5 RTM migration.


      AMCONTENT Version stays at 0.5



      Solution for Event 1119


      We could solve this in Upgrading the Mcafee Framework Agent from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5 RTM ( This is filled in the release notes
      under Mcafee 1156417. This even when the 10.5.1 ENS is already on the client and the client is in that stalled MODUS where he does not update AMCORE Content.

        (Hotfix not seen in Software Updater of EPO also the 5.0.5 to date) did not solve it.


      This is the config we had:



      This is the Config all was working fine afterwards:



      This is what’s wrong and how you see it after you enable the View Colums in EPO!





      Errors we did see on clients:


      c:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\logs\McScript_error.log

      2017-05-01 09:45:02      E             #4528    downloader          Downloading file from{15bbaf26-2e42-16e7-37b9-8be51700e4e7}
        to C:\Windows\TEMP\SiteStat.xml failed.

      If you MANUALY open
        the XML file in a browser this works fine


      c:\ProgramData\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Logs\PackageManager_Activity.log

      1. 02.05.2017
          10:25:59   mfeesp(2600.3848)
          <SYSTEM> PackageManager.PackageManager.Activity: Fehler beim Herunterladen von C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common
      2. 02.05.2017 10:25:59   mfeesp(2600.3852) <SYSTEM>
          PackageManager.PackageManager.Activity: Fehler beim Aktualisieren auf Version
      3. 02.05.2017 10:26:00 
          mfeesp(2600.4004) <SYSTEM>
          PackageManager.PackageManager.Activity: Bei der Aktualisierung sind Fehler
          aufgetreten. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Fehlerprotokoll.
      4. 02.05.2017 10:31:56 
          mfeesp(2600.3160) <SYSTEM>
          PackageManager.PackageManager.Activity: AutoUpdate wird gestartet:
      5. 02.05.2017 10:31:59 
          mfeesp(2600.3852) <SYSTEM>
          PackageManager.PackageManager.Activity: Aktualisierung wird ausgeführt




      Release Notes Agent 5.0.5

      https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 26000/PD26907/en_US/ma_505_rn_0-00_en-us.pdf






      Some more info we have pulled together:


      Butsch.ch | MCAFEE: Unable to update AMCORE with Mcafee Agent 5.0.4 after ENS 10.2 to 10.5.1 Migration