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    ENS 10.5.1 Randomly Fails at Boot


      I have ENS 10.2.0 Hotfix 1 deployed to my entire enterprise and have been testing ENS 10.5.1 on my machine. I am having an issue where ENS will randomly initialize at startup. From my testing, I cannot find a common thread for when it fails to load properly. What I do know, is that the mfetp.exe process will eventually terminate, re-establish itself, and then terminate again. I have a support ticket open and have been providing procmon dumps and AMTrace's to determine what may be the cause.


      Has anyone else experienced any startup issues with ENS 10.5.1? I am running out of ideas and the randomness of the problem makes if very difficult to re-produce consistently for troubleshoot. Any suggestions are welcome.

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          CHECK YOUR ON ACCESS Exceptions and ESP things like:


          **\test.exe mytest.exe switzerland.exe


          Which was on VSE 8.8 "test.exe mytest.exe switzerland.exe" in one row and seemed to Exclude those seperate EXE.


          In ENS 10.5.X we have seen 100% CPU Boost because of those

          In ENS 10.5.1 we have seen Migrations FIALING (Second Module Threat Prevention) and doinf a Rollback to 10.2 and the  again to 10.5.1 (This may be something you don't even see).


          * Go through your ON ACCESS Exceptions ONCE under all THREE options (Low/HIGH/Standard).

          * MAKE SURE ONE TIME you have the optione "Overwrite CLients Exclusion" once. If those are not valid it will stay forever. You can take the checkbox out after that.