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    EPO 3.6.1 to 4.0 migration with fresh install

      Hello, I've inherited an ePO 3.6.1 implementation on hardware that's not even up to par for that version let alone the new 4.0 version. Consequently there are a lot of random issues that I don't want to move into the new implementation. There are only a couple of tasks and a handful of policy edits, so it shouldn't be a problem re-entering those. I have a newer server with a clean install of Win2k3 R2 SP that I can use to install a clean version of ePO 4.0 on and start with a clean SQL 2005 Express database. I have no problems setting up the policies and running through the AD discovery.

      My question is this... Can I have both servers co-exist on the same network? I would like to leave the old server alone managing all of the clients and slowly but surely push the latest ePO agent from the fresh 4.0 install to migrate the users over. I would think that the Rogue detection list would get pounded by all of the machines that are still reporting back to the old server. If anyone knows if this is possible or of any issues doing the migration this way, please let me know. Thanks.