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    Failed to upload package

      I've run into an error on multiple XP/2003 clients that have gone rogue (inactive). I've run CMDAGENT /s and after collecting and sending props I get the error "Failed to upload package to the ePO server". I've spoken to the firewall team and ensured I am talking to the ePO server on the appropriate ports and vice-versa. I can run an agent wakeup and the server says it completes however the system is still listed as Rogue.

      I check the server.log on the ePO server and I see a large amount of the below message

      Agent with GUID {Insert GUID} sequence number invalid, expected (4 digit number) > (4 digit number)

      The GUID changes with each request as do the 4 digit numbers. I've checked the forums https://kc.mcafee.com and it says I need to upgrade to SQL 2005 (only fix action), although I'm currently using SQL 2005. None of the workstations were imaged with McAfee agent already on them. Any help/direction would be appreciated.

      ePO 4.0.0 Build 1151