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    ePO 4 unning very slow after upgrade

      Hi all,

      I've successfully upgraded an ePO 3.6.1 server to ePO 4.0 + P4.

      After the upgrade I've noticed that the console performance was **extremely low**. Given that we had purged and defraged the SQL database to 4GB, we didn't expect performance problems.

      The DB is running on a SQL 2000 with Patch 3, and we have around 12.000 client agents.

      The only error I was able to get was from server.log:
      mod_epo Server is too busy (245 connections) to process request

      I did a search on the KB and found that they talk about upgrading to SQL 2005.
      I don't think this solution makes sense.

      Anyone has ever seen this error before? The documentation says that SQL 2000 SP3 is supported by ePO4...

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          Did you ever find out what to do about this error? I just upgraded to ePO 4.0 patch 4 and am getting the same error in my server log. I too read the KB re this problem and it contains no real explanation.
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            McAfee changed their application server for version 4, and now use tomcat. This app server have hardcoded limitation of 254 concurrent connections and in additional to some SQL2000 bug (you can see huge number of events in your ePo\DB\events folders, that slowly disappear), you have to patch DB to SQL2000 P4 or better migrate DB to SQL2005 (according McAfee support second option is preferred since SQL2000 almost EOL).

            I had exactly the same issue, stopped Mcafee services, detach DB from 2000 and attached to 2005, changed DB details in app server, and it sorted all issues (include slow gui response)

            please keep in mind that until you will sort this issue your clients will have a problem to download software updates or policies from your ePo server.

            good luck