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    version  15.1. R2 manual full scan does not scan all files


      I was recently updated to version 15.1 R2 of Internet security on Windows 7.    I do regular full virus scans on both PCs.  When I did a manual full scan on the PCs after the update, the number of files scanned was significantly less than the number scanned before the update.  On one PC,   after the update date the total  and number of files were 37908.    But before the update, the total items scanned was 185,008 and number of files was 172,844.  There were also registry items scanned before the update, but I did not note the number.  So why does the new version only scan about 20% of the files?  Note I did specifically request a full scan, not a quick scan.   Second PC had a similar reduction in number of files: 58937 after the update and 272,242 before the update.

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