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    MWG ICAP Request Header Size Limit?


      Apparently, according to KB73397, Network Data Loss Prevention ICAP Header limitation, states that there's "a total size limit of 16K" for ICAP request headers.


      Does MWG limit the ICAP request header size that it sends to this product?  If so, what's the limit, and can it be adjusted?


      Or is that KB article just saying that it will ignore any excess?


      Statistics show that URL's are approaching a mega-byte in size (oddly enough, Yahoo's video service is top of the list for this, and it's because of performance statistics in URL parameters).


      We have performance issues, and consequently, reliability issues with that DLP ICAP product, and we'd rather not send excess data to it.  If we can discard any unusable data before we send the ICAP request, that might help some of our issues.


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