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    McAfee File and Removable Media Custom Reports


      Good day,


      I'm quite new to FRP and need any advice on FRP and FRP custom reports , does FRP has the capability to report on the removable external media in particular the below items:


      1. The total number of times external media is plug into workstations.
      2. Out of the total to split between encrypted and non-encrypted media devices.
      3. Anything relevant or that will add value to enhancing the reports.


      McAfee Removable file media controls:

      Clarify for me all the possible adequate controls available on McAfee for FRP.

      1. Currently users get prompted to encrypt their memory sticks but they have an option to not accept and they can still utilise unencrypted removable media.

      2. I need to create a policy that will only allow use of encrypted Company issued memory sticks.

      3. Also ensure that the users do not get prompted to encrypt other external devices like cell phones.


      Is this possible and how do I mange this?


      Thank you in advance