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    Agents problems in PP (installation issues, showing not up to date)

      Hi there,

      I have an installation of PP 1.5 with patch1 running and a few problems with the agents.

      Everything was running fine till I integrated McAfee Agent 4.0 and patch 1 for McAfee Agent 4.0 in repository.

      From that moment on every machine installed Agent 4.0 ( but tried to install patch1 again and again and again, several times per minute for half an hour or longer, then it paused for a few hours and started again trying to install patch1. Anybody knows this behaviour?

      The problem: the machine is working all the time and the active window sometimes gets inactive even while the user is working. We use Citrix Terminalservers here and even if a user writes some mail the "new message" window gets inactive and the pressed keys go to nirvana. The published application even cannot get re-activated in some cases and has to get closed. In eventlog I see msiexec messages 3 times a minute on every machine (even the Citrix terminalservers), i think this is the installation procedure of patch1.

      I then intended to roll back - but I saw that I cannot delete the package of McAfee Agent 4.0 in repository (button delete is grey).

      Now I uninstalled the agent with /forceuninstall one some testing machines after I additionally added the agent4 patch1 (.z and .nap) a second time to repository and rolled it out again on these machines.

      The agents now show version and don´t do anything to upgrade to 4. But: the installation problems no longer exist and the applications stay active, so one problem is fixed happy Anybody knows why the agent does not update to 4 again?

      However, one machine was coming up showing the version number of VSE as version of the agent (8.7)! Now as PP saw this version every other agent, even, is showing as not up to date even after I deleted this client in PP. In PP 1.5 you cannot set the minimum compliance of the agent version - so anybody knows how I can change this behaviour?

      So I repeat my questions:
      1. Anybody has had the same problem with Agents staying in an update loop for patch1 for about an hour or knows how to fix it?
      2. Anybody can tell me why the agent gets installed after I added patch1 for Agent a second time and newly rolled out?
      3. Anybody knows why this agent does not intend to update to or, which are both in repository?
      4. Anybody knows how I can change minimum compliance in PP or delete the newest version of agent PP has seen so that my agents do not longer show "not up to date"?

      I appreciate every helpful comment - i don´t want to completely reinstall PP :(

      Regards, Jochen