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    ePO targetted deployment

      This is doing my head in, really appreciate if anyone can help me out.

      I need to deploy HIPS to approx 2000 systems. I want to use a phased approach and hit around 500 sytems each week. The problem is the systems are randomly located around the enterprise and I can't use a subnet range to target specific groups.

      Another team will provide me with a flat list of system names (not IP addresses).

      So my question:

      Is there a way I can target a flat list of systems to deploy HIPS to?


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          if you are importing systems through active directory sync. you can make a query to list the computer names you want. But you need some standart naming to match some string in them
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            Split your list of "Target Systems" into text files with one systerm name per line.

            Then create a new Group in a development site to import the "new" system names from the text file.

            Run a Duplicate Systems Query and order them by Location in Directory Structure.

            Now delete all the "Dummy" entries listed in the Development site group.

            Select the remaining systems from the search query output and move those into the Development Test group and you now have a nice tidy set of live systems to do whatever you want with and when finished upgrading you should be able to simply delete them from the test area and allow them to reappera in their original directory places by subnet filtering.

            Repeat process as many times as necessary with the other sytsem file import lists.