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    AutoUpdate DAT Files




      I have recently taken over management of our ePO server and trying to get my head round how it all works.  We have had a call come in saying that the DAT files are not automatically updating on all machines in our estate and I am trying to understand why.  I have a couple of questions which should help, if anyone has anything else to add please do as open to all suggestions;


      1. The AutoUpdate task is built into VSE with no visible schedule time, I have read this is 5PM as per your local time zone, if your machine is switched off at that time will the task run automatically on next login?
      2. We have created a custom Daily Product Update task to run at 9pm, I have found the task in the task catalogue but cannot find where the scheduling time is set, can someone help me with this?
      3. As per the above if the machine is switched off which is likely at 9pm will the task fail and run on next boot of the device or must it be switched on to get the updates?


      Hope that makes sense and someone can assist, as I said I have inherited these settings so if re-scheduling those times is advised to some time during the day where most machines would be switched on please let me know.






      ePO 5.2 > VSE 8.8 with Patch 8

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          Hi Sonny,


          Scheduling and assignment of tasks is set in the system tree. Look at the Assigned Client Tasks tab.


          in the Scheduling section of the task there is a Check box "Run missed task" if this is checked your task will run if the machine is switched off at the time.