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    Wrong Master Repository Status

      I have a problem with my ePo server. In the dashboard, I got the master repository status visible. In my situation, is gives me the following information:
      DAT: My Repository: 5568.0000 Latest available: 5269.0000
      Engine: My Repository: 5300.2777 Latest available: 5200.2160

      For some reason, it doesn't update the latest available section.
      Also, the last check was 2008-04-09 11:56:06.757 and the scheduled pull is configured to run daily at 1:00 am, and runs successfull every day (hence my repository is up to date).

      Can somebody tell me why this status isn't updated?
      I run ePo version 4.0 with patch 3 (build 1151) on windows server 2003.