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    Server migration

      A client has 4 epo servers each tied to different db's and each of these servers has anywhere from 40-60 distributed repositories. Each epo server is running 3.61 and they want to go to the 4.0 server as well as the latest agent and also vse 8.7 with latest patch/engine. The network runs the gamut from 56k frame relay to lan speed and I'd like to pose the question of the best way to accomplish the project goals in the most efficient manner. I know we can do in place upgrades of 3.61 to 4.0 but am still waiting to hear if they use sql 2005 or 2000 as the db server. I'm also wondering if there is a way I can reduce the number of epo servers through better policy management in 4.0 to allow for less complexity and easier manageability. I have all the epo 4.0 documentation guides but they don't really touch on scenarios outside of a single server situation. If anyone has some suggestions please let me know.