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    McAfee Monitoring tool

      Good morning McAfee masters,

      Exist any monitoring tool that allows me to see what clients are connected to the console TCP IP connections and see the consumption channel.. and let me close those conections.

      I need to know because some machines are pulling like 2.0 gbs :(,null killing the channel.

      thx for any help.
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          I don't know of any utilities, but you can view the agent log on the individual clients and see where they are pulling the information. That way you can see where you need to setup an SA or a repository.

          I went through my WAN and setup a policy per site with only their repository enabled and set McAfeeHTTP as a fail back. That has worked out great and reduced the overall WAN traffic.

          I hope this helps.
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            I'm confused by the question :confused:

            If you control the ePO Directory Structure and associated Agent Policies then you should know which client groups are updateing according to the schedules you have defined for their tasks. Additionally you also control the Agent To Server Communication Interval and Policy enforcement interval frequency.

            Set up your epo Groups/Sites to update according to your planned schedule and randomise the task run times over a specific interval to prevent too many clients connecting at the same time.