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    MWG 7.7 and Skype T_T




      I got a real annoying situation with MWG 7.7 and Skype..

      I can log in to skype, but it does not connect, it is retrying the connection and even looking at the MWG rule tracing I can not find anything blocking the connection.

      I followed many guides that I found here, but none gave me a favorable result.

      Even try to create a single rule letting the IP of my computer have full Internet output.

      I am using the MWG in transparent mode with MCP and AD based authentication.

      Anyone have any ideas on how to make it work?


      These are my rules for now:


      SSL Scanner exception:

      Allow "Gerencia" full to internet:


      Note: Does not connect even by deactivating the SSL scanner


      Thanks for your help in advance