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    Migration from ePo v3.6 to V4 : Best Practise ?

      Hi everybody and thank you in advance for your help !

      I have to do an in-place migration from ePo 3.6 to v4 for the 1st time.
      My worries is about the minimum version of the ePo agents (around 3000 servers).
      It seems that the minium version 3.5.5.something...
      How can I know/check that my 3000 servers have minimum this version with the ePo Server 3.6 my company have ?

      If I do migrate the server and I forget some older agents (older than 3.5.5) what will happen ? :confused: Will they diseappear ?
      How to "push" version 3.5.5 on all my 3000 servers ?

      Bests Regards.