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    McAfee Web Gateway failed start core service


      the case in general

      the customer have 3 appliances 
      7.2 , 7.4,7.6 versions
      3 appliances  together in a central  management  
      7.2 and 7.4 work as HA
      but 7.6 work as a proxy and the customer not using it
      its just for urgent case (backup)

      7.6 cant take a licence i delete it from a central management and upgrade the RAM after that i try to open the interface i cant, the massage rest interface and try again i do it but the same thing
      after i check the service, the core service cannot be starting
      so what i can do i hope to do not re image
      plz , its urgent case i open a ticket but i want a fast   response

      the feedback file attached