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    access protection + directory exclusion


      i am using EPO 4 + virusscan 8.5 and have the following problem. i get unwanted Anti-virus Standard Protection violations:Prevent remote creation/modification of executable and configuration files. The file path is C:\WINDOWS\repair\Backup\

      I only can exclude processes (and no folders or files) in access protection rules. No i've read somewhere that the access protection policies are connected to the "on access default processes" policies. So if there is an directory exclusion for a directory in this policies, the access protection policies are not used on this directory, is that true ?

      so i defined an Exclusion in On-Access Default Processes :
      Exclude by pattern: **\Backup\ (i tired also C:\WINDOWS\repair\Backup\ etc.)

      But i dont get rid off the Standard protection violations. a cant exclude the process of course (it is System:Remote) but obviously i cant exclude the folder with the help of the "on access default processes" policy ?

      Thanks for help,