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    agent deploy failed


      hello dear friends


      some of my systems update their windows and mcafee is removed from them when they update.I try to deploy agent again but it is failed.

      there is no log in system but in my mcafee epo the log indicate below:


      20170426090526I#04960NAIMSERVCopy C:\Windows\TEMP\mfe-1439294577.tmp\FramePkg.exe to \\\ADMIN$\FramePkg.exe Successfully
      20170426090526I#04960NAIMSERVPush Agent Install parameter: FramePkg.exe  /Install=Agent /Silent /InstDir="<PROGRAM_FILES_DIR>\McAfee\Agent"
      20170426090526E#04960NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(1045): Failed to start remote agent install service. Err=1053
      20170426090526I#04960NAIMSERVTrying to install the agent without impersonation.
      20170426090526E#04960NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(738): Failed to open  service control manager, system error 5
      20170426090526E#04960NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(1057): Failed to get remote agent install service status. Service control manager status=-1, Err=2
      20170426090526E#04960NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(288): Push Agent Installation Program to  failed, will not retry


      would u please help me how to fix this problem?