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    mfevtps.exe slow down file operations


      I use McAfee for a long time. A couple of months ago my notebook (Asus G74Sx, Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 English (US) 64-bit with all updates) started to behave strangely. Windows Explorer took about 30 seconds to start. Small file copy, move, rename operations had taken less than a second, but after that point lasted for 5-15 seconds. I have restored my system to the “fast” state using Acronis backup, and installed every update one by one. I discovered that McAfee caused the problem. I was waiting that McAfee corrected that without complaining. However things are still the same if not worse. I thought that may be these problems happened because McAfee updated on itself for some years. Last weekend I uninstalled McAfee All Access, ran McAfee cleanup tool, manually cleaned registry of every McAfee string, deleted McAfee subfolder in Users folder. Reinstalled All Access from scratch. Not helped! Windows Explorer takes 30 seconds to start, file operations (10KB file on the same internal drive) last 5-15 seconds, after right-click on a file I’m waiting 10 seconds for menu to open, when I point at Recent in Start menu it opens after 6 seconds. But if I turn Real-Time Scanning off – everything works immediately!

      I looked into Task Manager and discovered that when I perform any of the mentioned operations mfevtps.exe utilizes more than 25% of CPU. When Real-Time Scanning is off – 2%. I am no sure that mfevtps.exe makes my computer slow, but definitely McAfee Real-Time Scanning! Since recently any possibility to configure Real-Time Scanning was removed from McAfee SecurityCenter. Is there any way to make my notebook fast again?

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