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    Access Protection & VMware?

      I have a question that doesn't seem to be addressed in the docs.

      We have many VMware virtual computers that are running as servers. I treat them basically the same as other ePO clients, in terms of policies, depending on what department/group I put them in.

      However, we just had a problem with one that isn't something I had noticed before...on one of the virtual servers, we were getting nearly 99% CPU utilization while that server was not busy. Well, it turns out that the Access Protection Properties tab on that server has an entry I had not noticed before: "Virtual Machine Protection". This allows you to Block or Report on any modification to the VMware program & settings, similar to the Access Protection Rules on the ePO server allows you to Block or Report any modification to the McAfee program & settings...

      But, the Virtual Machine Protection settings only reside on the clients, not on the ePO server, at least as far as I can find.

      Does this mean that to change these settings on all our VMware clients, I need to go to each individual client and make those changes? Tell me it ain't so!