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    Why can my kids manually switch off this app?



      I have installed safe family on 2 kids android phones however I was only receiving sporadic usage notifications.  On investigating this, I noticed that my sons mobile had the app switched off under the accessability option. 

      Surely this is a fault as the kids shouldn't be able to manually switch off this app? Is this a fault on the app?

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          I will contact the Lead Engineer of the *Safe Family* team on your behalf.

          esaung Could you please assist this customer?

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            hi scottiemuir,

            we don't provide any password protection to prevent children from uninstalling or changing the settings on the device. we have however implemented a way to notify you when those changes have happened to make you aware and have the appropriate discussion with your child.


            in this case with the accessibility, we have noticed in certain situations that Android will automatically turn off accessibility without any user intervention. we are looking into this to ensure that it stays on consistently.


            meanwhile, you should be able to to the safe family app on your parent's device and under the activity tab for your child, there is a system group, and you will be able to see the activity there. we are working making this experience better so you are notified without having to go into the app to learn about this.


            we are looking at providing improvements to this in the upcoming updates that we have planned.




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              I have experienced the problem of the Accessibility setting on Android either being automatically turned off or my child turning it off. I'm not sure which happened. But I think the error with instructions appeared on my child's phone so he is now acquainted with where and how to turn this off himself in the future. I eventually saw the notification in the System section of my app. Has there been an update with this functionality, either to somehow limit a child's access to changing accessibility settings or to at least generate a system notification on the parent's phone when accessibility is disabled?


              Additionally, if Android is automatically turning off the Accessibility permission, shouldn't the app only notify the parent and not the child? Some of this may be in place already. I am making some assumptions as I try to piece together what actually happened when this permission was turned off. An update on current and/or future functionality would be appreciated. Thanks.