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    Clients machines updating to the latest DAT - decreased to 50%

      Hi everyone,

      I am very new to EPO concept . right now managing EPO 4.0 server which is managing 5000 client Pcs.All the client machines are installed with VSE 8.5i Patch 5 and with the agent We have more than 80 distributed repositories placed in different sites. The replication from the master to the distributed repositories are working well . About 3500 machines in different sites are updating to the latest version correctly . The problem remains in the remaining 1500 Pcs. These machines are configured to a valid repository and some other (3500 ) machines are getting the updates from that repository .

      Troubleshooting steps done:

      1. Wake up the agents in the remaining PCs
      2. Created an update task
      Still no progress . So I force install agents from the EPO to the client machines and still it’s not updating . So I manually took some PCs , uninstall agents and reinstalled it again and wake up the agents . After doing this , its updating to the latest version . But I cannot do this manually in all the PCs . So is there any way to solve this problem .

      Thanks for your quick reply