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    How to stop wireless data loss using DLP?


           Hi all,


           I have been working with DLP for the past one year and much satisfied with the way it works. But now i have come across a situation, where even McAfee DLP fails to block or even detect a data loss/theft. I have a laptop which is connected to the personal hotspot of my mobile phone. DLP(Latest version) is installed in it, but during this scenario when i browse from my mobile phone through the network using applications like ESEXPLORER, i am able to take away any data without DLP not even smelling it. i understand that since the application is really not present on the endpoint machine, the DLP is not able to detect it, but still my data is lost/stolen, which actually defeats the purpose of having DLP in it. Need advice on the same. will be really grateful if someone can help me to block such sort of transaction!! Thanks in advance!!