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    unreadable text sent to my phone from McAfee


      Since renewing my account on April 11th all texts to 2 of my mobile phones are unreadable code. This is an example of 2 texts sent to my phone.






      OvsYLgFtsr7BkxY9rADKrHc3LIrnnG3LGXXqJHFVfwXykMywkyLTWHo0jqSneZmPIwoyXyocws/Szc98 tNN0AF2XQa437HU=


      Both phones are samsung and both started to get unreadable text after I renewed my contract. Previous text messages where readable.


      example .... Thanks for choosing McAfee Total Protection. Download it now at http://mcaf.ee/2dkc  . You may need this code during activation: F6UDDE (links and code activation changed)


      I have reported it and am awaiting a call back but thought it may be ok to post some examples on here.


      Cheers   John

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