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    McAfee Agent/CMS/EPO Agent

      Ok Ok,

      I am totally confused :confused:

      I am in the process of upgrading several McAfee Products. As it stands just now we are using the following products:

      EPO 3.6.1 Patch 2
      Virusscan Enterprise 8.5i
      EPO Agent 3.6.0

      I have the upgrade guides and installation files for upgrading the EPO to version 4.0.0 Patch 2 and Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i. My problem is this, when I originally upgraded the EPO Agent to 3.6.0 from whatever was the previous version, it was called EPO Agent, which was fine. Now that I want to upgrade to the newest version, there seems to be this new item called McAfee Agent (which I have read was previously called the CMA). My question is this, what is the EPO Agent now called and what is the most current version?

      I am well confused!!!!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.