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    Deleted file renders system unusable


      I recently purchased an ASUS ROG GL502VY laptop, and the store threw in a free LiveSafe subscription, which I decided to give a try, despite hearing really bad things about McAfee systems.


      It was fine for the first few days, and the laptop exceeded all my hopes. Then LiveSafe ran its first scan and instantly deleted c:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\GameFirst IV\nfapi.dll.


      Thats right, it didn't quarantine it in a safe and reasonable manner so that it could be recovered. It hard deleted it.


      Unfortunately, GameFirst IV requires the file for correct functionality, and GameFirst IV is a small subsystem that loads up a number of ASUS ROG specific drivers. Essential for the correct functioning of the ASUS ROG laptop.


      My laptop now, won't boot correctly.


      I wish to know what action McAfee is going to take to correct this problem, and repair my laptop, as it is your software that has effectively destroyed it, and it is only 3 days old.

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          I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Can you attempt to restart in safe mode and revert back to a earlier point in time? Or quite possibly do a System Recovery? In any case here is the link to Technical Support;



          Phone/Online Chat by far the quickest.

          I also seen a Bug Report on this  Bug Report - Game First IV (Beta)

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            After reinstalling the drivers package, all was fine for about 3 days when it arbitarily deleted the file a second time once again cripling my network card. Fortunately it only affects my ethernet connection, not my wifi connection, but its a gaming laptop, and you don't game over wifi. So its kind of important.


            I know the file is not malicious, nfapi.dll, because I got it direct from ASUS, and because I have checked it in an online virus scanner, and all of them report back that its clean, EXCEPT McAfee.


            The fact that McAfee is ignoring the whitelist (file exceptions) that I set up on it, is very surprising and very annoying.


            I tried to elevate this to McAfee support but their support agent wanted to run a remote control on my PC. Not going to happen. It's not that I don't trust the competence of your support agents, its that I don't know them in order to be able to trust their competence, or to be frank, their honesty. Too many horror stories about remote support agents ruining systems even more in order to sell more support packages, and the fact that you are deleting system files arbitarily, even when they are whitelisted, is a sign of the overall competence, I guess.


            So I now need to know, how I can stop McAfee deleting those files. If this is not possible, then I need to know how to initiate the refund process.


            Thanks in advance.



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              Try following these Guidelines /Instructions to submit to McAfee and have the detection Analyzed and Whitelisted: What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


              I might add also, after a successful submission you should receive a Analysis ID#. Follow protocol of allowing 2-3 buisness days for it to be analyzed/processed. If it is still giving you an issue please provide me the Analysis ID# and I can escalate on your behalf to McAfee Labs.

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                Unfortunately, it is MY PC, not McAfee's. I am not leasing it from them, or did the act of installing their anti-virus product grant them ownership of it. Therefore I don't need to appeal their decision as to what files I have on my PC, because its my decision, not theirs.


                While I am quite willing to provide them with a copy of the file for analysis, thats all it will be for. They are not the final arbiter as to if I can have the file or not. I am. The whole concept that I need to appeal for it is patently absurd.


                If there is no way to white list the files, and McAfee is going to continue to break my PC periodically, that makes it not fit for the purpose for which it was sold under UK trading standards legislation, and I have a legal right to a full refund. A refund they cannot legally refuse.


                Coupled with the fact that their "support agent" was only willing to help if I granted them administrative access to remote control my PC, something that is not going to happen any time this decade, I would like to hear from McAfee, what options they wish to take? Are they going to tell me how to white list the files, or are they going to start the refund process, or am I going to start the small claims process to recover my money for a product that is not fit for the purpose for which it was sold?

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                  With all due respect. Please do not *Shoot* the messenger. I am simply providing you the means to get the file whitelisted so it can be accessed. In all likelyhood since it is a Gaming application, it will be suppressed as other major security vendors initially block the downloaders/unpackers as well.


                  As far as McAfee is concerned, they simply are blocking the files until they have deemed them safe. Now you can contact Customer Support and express your sentiments. Airing them out on this Forum is counter-productive.



                  I am a *Volunteer Moderator*/Regular user just like you.


                  Wishing you all the best


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                    After a sincere attempt of providing you the proper steps to take in order to get your Detection analyzed/processed. It seems that you have respectively chosen to not follow the Guidelines/Instructions. So therefore I feel this discussion has lost substance, and marking it 'Assumed Answered.


                    I will leave it open for further comments, should you (Constructively) have more to comment on.


                    All the very best


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                      Well thanks for that erroneous assumption, catsdaddy, however now that the UK Bank Holiday is over, some of us actually have to work for a living and can't monitor / respond to a forum 24/7. We have a saying here in the UK, when you assume make an *** out of u and me.

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                        Ahem...I see that Doug is assisting you in the other thread, which is a good thing. I had informed him you mentioned the names of the files,for what that is worth.


                        Also please keep this in mind;Community Terms of Service

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                          I also just brought an ASUS laptop, it's about two weeks old and McAfee is telling me I have a file called that and I was trying to delete it. But it just wouldn't delete.

                          Are you saying it's not a virus after all and that this file is needed?

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