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    EPO Console Failing Last Check

      On the general tab of the Epo console, it is showing as the last check failed

      Current in repository DAT: 5555.000 Engine 5.3.002777
      Latest Available: DAT 4.0.4478 Engine 4.4.00
      Last Check : Failed

      Obviously it thinks that the old 4.0 versions are the latest.

      The server does not connect to the internet to get the latest updates. I update it manually.

      The client workstations are gettings the latests defintions but if you do a manual update now on a client it is failling when it trys to check the engine.

      Any ideas people.

      I need to find out where the EPO server stores its information on the latest availiable updates and amend it so that it has the latests ones in there and not the old ones.