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    Internal Configuration Error


      Hi all,


      We have a NS9100 HA Pair:

      • NSM:
      • Sensor:

      After deploy the Callback Detector to the sensor, we got an error: Internal Configuration Error.

      IPS - Copy.PNG

      Do you guy have any ideas about this issue?

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          Take that screenshot and a Sensor Trace (Devices > Devices Tab > Select the device that had issues from drop down > Troubleshooting > Diagnostics Trace > Upload > Download to Workstation)

          and provide all of that information to McAfee Support, any root cause analysis is going to require support to review the sensor logs.


          All that "Fault" tells you is that something went wrong internally on the sensor, and if like you said you were applying/deploying a callback detector, it most likely failed to apply internally to the sensor.