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    Agent 4 locking out domain account during update task?

      We just recently upgraded to agent 4 SP1 and I'm having problems with a few workstations locking out the domain account we use to run our McAfee environment. The problem has been isolated to three workstations so far, but every time the managed auto-update task runs it locks the domain account out which is getting very annoying.

      Support has no idea why this is occurring, so I'm hoping the user community has seen or heard of this before. We have about 1750 other clients that are working just fine. It started off as one client on Tuesday of last week, then it was two clients by Friday, and now it's three clients today.

      Everything between all three machines is exactly the same. This is an ePO 4 SP3 environment - workstations are all running VSE 8.5 patch 6.
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