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    Windows 10, failed installation


      I have a 64bit HP Workstation that has Win10 Professional upgraded from Windows 7 Pro. I have been dealing with McAfee running, not running. Starting, stopping. Scan, can't scan. etc.


      So, I uninstalled and have attempted multiple times to reinstall. I have run the MVT app and created 2 log files I will post. I also uninstalled every version Microsoft C++ Redistributable I had on my machine. (I wonder what headache that will cause me?). I then reinstalled the 64bit version of the 2015 Visual C++ files. I did not reinstall the 2005, 2008, 2013 versions. Do I need to? I also don't have Visual Studio, so I do not know if I need those installed either.


      McAfee attempts to remove any security threats, downloads the software and then promptly tells me that it cannot install ANY of the features that I paid for. Please try again.


      I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      Thank you!

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          I recently purchased the new "McAfee for windows 10" It absolutely DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 10! I have tried everything. Removing with tool, reinstalling..over and over again. It is not compatable with windows 10 DO NOT buy it! Then when you call McAfee support, it isn't even a part of McAfee, they do not have an official support, its a third party. Again, do not buy if you have a new computer with windows 10...

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            Assume this was solved.  Regarding the above issue, make sure ALL previous security software is removed.  Reboot your machine and retry.

            Uninstall your McAfee products via Control Panel > Programs and Features, reboot if asked to.

            Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

            Download new software from your McAfee Account web page only.  NOT from other sources.

            A hint to save time:  Go to your account page and download the installer as "Save as" to your desktop

            That saves going online in the middle of this process.

            If all else fails try McAfee Technical Support - it's free of charge.

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              The thread is old. I assume by now the OP has got Windows 10 loaded.


              The reply is, as noted, a duplicate post.


              Locking this thread.