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    Manual loading of the DAT




      Normally my systems go to the ePO for the latest DAT update, but I have a system that I must keep off the network. I have followed the instructions about downloading from the McAfee site the latest DAT, but it is the V3 version, which if I run, does not appear to update the DAT. Is there somewhere else I should go for this, or is there something else I need to do then just click on the V3.exe file. I have Access Protection turn off when I do.




      Stephen Keating

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          Hi Stephen,


          Try downloading and using the V2 xdat.exe file instead.

          At this moment: 8503xdat.exe is current.


          This is a list of command line parameters:

          :: [[/LOGFILE filespec] [/SILENT] [/REBOOT] [/PROMPT] [/F] [/E [pathspec]] [/V]


          :: /LOGFILE    Logs the status into specified file. This should not be a multi-

          ::                    user, shared, log file as simultaneous logging will crash PCs.)

          :: /SILENT       Runs this utility in silent mode. (Abbreviated, /S)

          :: /REBOOT    Reboots the machine, if required.

          :: /PROMPT    Displays the prompt dialog before reboot.

          :: /E                Extracts packaged files (to current pathspec, unless specified).

          :: /V               Displays xDAT package information.

          :: /F                Force update of existing version.


          For the most part, I only use /E or /F.


          In your case, try /F.


          Let us know how this goes.


          Ron Metzger

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            That worked. Thanks for the information