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    EPO4 Dashboard not showing uptodate information from McAfee

      Hi All,

      I have EPO4 - Patch3 running on a fresh windows 2003 server, at the moment I have EPO4 installing and removing software remotely from test machines(which is what I want) but at the same time it would be usefull to have the dashboard showing what the latest available files are and whats currently in MyAvert Security Threats.

      Please see below for what the dashboard currently looks like. The system is connected to the web through a proxy server and I can navigate to McAfee and any other site with out any problems.

      ********************** Dashboard Output ****************************

      The latest MyAvert information was not successfully retrieved from McAfee.

      My Repository Latest Available

      DAT: 5554.0000 --
      Engine: 5300.2777 --
      64-Bit DAT 5554.0000 --
      64-Bit Engine 5300.2777 --

      MyAvert Security Threats: 0 unread
      Last check: Unknown


      Please Help

      Kind Regards