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    Conficker B++ \ C Countermeasures


      Today I noticed some posts were made regarding Conficker B++null \ C
      For example:
      http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/200911/3157/Conficker-Worm-fighting-bac k-new-variant-disables-security-measures

      I'm concerned about confiker getting it's new variant from the web, and from there the road to hell is short :D

      What countermeasures are to be taken? Except what I already done:
      1. Latest Patches
      2. Disable Autorun (GPO)
      3. Read-Only Share (Access Protection)
      4. Svchost 445 block (Access Protection)
      5. Create remote autorun blocked (Access Protection)
      6. Latest DAT

      Yoni E.