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    Perplexed about ePo 4.0

      I've just installed ePO 4.0 (and the new Patch 4) on a Windows 2003 SP2 server. We run 70 desktop clients and several Windows 2003/2008 servers. I deployed Agent 4.0 to the clients and I can see them in my dashboard (in groups).

      Then I checked in my Viruscan 8.7i & Groupshield 7.01 packages and force a global update for new DAT's.

      The ePo configuration & settings are somewhat confusing :mad:

      1) When I try to deploy a new Viruscan installation (Create new task), nothing happens to the client
      2) When I try to deploy a new Groupshield 7.01 installation towards my Exchange 2007 server, nothing happens to the client

      So: when does this installation take place??? The agent log says it's applying policies EPOAGENT3000META and EPOAGENT3000 and everything's fine. And it keeps saying this every 5 minutes. But my packages never get installed.

      So... what is wrong with my configuration?? I'm getting p**** off

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          What schedule are you using for your deployment task? I use 'run immediately' personally, so when the Agent enforces it's policies (which I've reduced to every 45 minutes) the pending packages are installed
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            Thank you for your response. I found this setting and I reduced it to every 15 minutes (the 60-min default is nonsense!!). I hope it works.

            I've got another question for you. Should another AV software be installed on the target system, does the Viruscan setup automatically uninstall the another AV package?

            I know other AV software do this, dunno about McAfee.