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    ePO: Compliance Summary - Why non-compliant?


      In our company we have Epolicy orchestrator 4.0.0.
      -We have deployed Viruscan version 8.7
      - We have deployed Mcafee Agent

      When I look on the ePO: Compliance Summary dashboard I see 84 computers compliant and 17 non-compliant. From that 17 computers, there is also my machine, soo I'm trying to figure it out why the non-compliant status.

      I also see, that in ePO: Compliance Summary my computer has only Product Version (agent) displayed as but at Engine version and Dat Version has an empty field.

      If I check locally on my computer I see, that I'm up to date:
      Scan engine version: 5300.2777
      Dat Version: 5549.0000

      If I check agent log, there are no words starting with error, I have already searched that.

      plz, Help
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          make sure you checked in the 8.7 extensions to the epo server and are you collecting data for system compliance using the compliance task?

          server tasks
          generatate records for....
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            Thank you for the answer. Could you please tell me where can I get the latest version of the extension for viruscan 8.7. I looked in C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Extensions folder but i dont have 8700.zip there. I have downloaded only the multi langugage installation zip file VSE870LML.zip and checked-in the packade in epolicy.

            I have also one more question. I'm searching for the latest patch for epolicy, but on this link: https://mysupport.mcafee.com/Eservice/DownloadSoftwareList.aspx I don't find any patches for epolicy 4.0 only a patch 4 which is for epolicy 3.6. Plz help

            thank u
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              Tony, I have found out where is able to download patch 4, and I'm already downloading it. But I still would have a question about, where I can download the latest extensions for Viruscan version 8.7

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                Below are the instructions for installing the extensions for VSE 8.7i. It sounds like the extension is inside the VSE 8.7i zip file.

                Step 2 - Check in the VSE 8.7i extension:

                1. Download VSE 8.7i from McAfee download web site. To download Products, Patches, HotFixes, or documentation from the www.mcafee.com website using a valid grant number, see KB54808 .
                2. Unzip the file VSE870LML.zip in a temporary directory (Example: c:\VSE870LML)
                3. Log on to the ePO 4.0 console. To open up a remote console through Internet Explorer type one of the following URLs into the browser:

                4. Click Configuration, Extensions tabs.
                5. Click Install Extension.
                6. Click Browse and navigate to your temporary folder (our example is c:\VSE870LML).
                7. Select VIRUSCAN8700.zip and click Open.
                8. Click OK.
                9. At the end of the check in verify the following version is displayed:, then click OK.
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                  Hi folks!

                  Ok, I have done with the extension 8.7 installation and installed it sucessfully, but still I have 17 computers in our network non compliant.
                  Even if I force the installation of Mcaffe agent, they are still in the dashboard under no compliant.

                  I have checked agents log, but there are no errors inside.

                  Also it is strange, that some of them in dashboard don't have:
                  Engine Version shown of Viruscan Enterprise
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                    I think that your agent has a problem that I know how to fix.

                    In a machine that has the problem do that procedure :

                    1. Go to Start => Run
                    2. Type "C:\Program files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /remove=agent
                    3. Click ok
                    4. After that type "C:\Program files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /install=agent
                    5. Click ok
                    6. Go to the console and run a wake up agent
                    7. wait 5 minutes and lokk at your console.

                    I think that it will solve your problem.


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                      Hi. I have done as you have told me;
                      reinstalled/installed manually the agent, wokeup agent but in the dashboard this agent is still displayed as non-compliant.

                      Can you please tell me where to search, why he isn't compliant because in the agent's log there is no useful data.