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    Filtering VS 8.5 Events in ePO 3.6.1

      I want to filter a specific Virus Scan 8.5 event (ID 1051) from reporting in ePO (and more importantly, sending us email notifications). How do I do this? This event deals with the scanner being unable to scan a specific file beacuse it is password protected.

      I am a site admin and not a global admin...so I may lack the appropriate access.
      I could not find information on this for ePO 3.6.1 -- only for ePO 4.0. Could anyone please let me know how to do this in 3.6.1?

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          Well ePO event ID 1050 on my development ePO 3.6 system is nothing specifically to do with AV 8.5 - its a generic "Unable to Scan Password Protected" - but it's fairly easy to prevent this being sent to ePO although I'm not sure why you'd want to bother unless you have lots of such files.

          You wil need to be a Full Global Admin to modify the filtering but assuming you are then you expand the ePO Reporting section and select the "Events" section and then simply select the "Filtering" Tab - scroll down till you find event 1051 and deselect it.

          I haven't been able to find a way to simply prevent the logged event 1051 from being included in alert emails.