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    What do I do


      What do I do when McAffe is the criminal stealing form my account? I am so mad. I had McAffee three or four years ago. I canceled the account. Then all of a sudden they take money from my account, nearly everything I have. It is theft. This is a huge loss for me and is going to cost me due to bank fees. McAffee is the thieves to protect yourself from.

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            Contact Support /Customer Service.

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              Also open your account and ensure you have auto renewal disabled

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                If it is enabled then the thieves changed it. Please believe me, I have done absolutely nothing to that account for more than a couple of years. I truly have not. The only explanation is theft. It is serious, I can't afford this.

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                  So no deductions past 2 years only now. Do what CD suggested and talk to customer service they can refund subscriptions in certain circumstances.


                  Was this a large amount subscriptions rarely greater than 100 dollars or was it for an enterprise grant?


                  Just wondering as we mods have no access to accounts so only can pass you up the line sorry. We would be interested in what you find though.

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                    The following is the email message I received, with sensitive data removed. I rarely react in this manner and rarely so quickly but this really surprised me. It is bizarre. The only thing I have done recently is to apply an update to Flash and the update had a checkbox for McAffee. I unchecked it; I am sure I did.


                    Well I will call them tomorrow. Perhaps the explanation is this. I had McAffee two or three years ago. Then I bought a three-year license for ESET. Then I bought a new computer.  McAffee came pre-installed. I was going to install ESET that I had the license for but McAffee kept renewing my subscription for free. So I finally got around to uninstalling McAffee and installing ESET. That was many months ago. So perhaps McAffee thinks they can bill me but it sure was a surprise. I did not know. It seems like a scam to me. I will call tomorrow.


                    $50 is about all I had left in my account.


                    Dear Sam,
                       Your McAfee® subscription has been successfully renewed using the payment information on file.
                    You can continue to enjoy peace of mind whenever you go online.

                      With McAfee protection, you will be able to continue to confidently surf the web, send e-mail, and shop
                    and bank online without worrying about viruses, spyware, spam, phishing scams, hackers and identity theft.
                    You will also be able to keep your  financial and other sensitive documents privately.

                      Details of your subscription renewals:
                    CONFIRMATION RECEIPT
                    Name: Sam Hobbs Order #: ------------
                    Date: Sunday, April 16, 2017
                    McAfee VirusScan Plus 1-year subscription: $ 49.99(USD)

                      Total Tax      : -
                    Total Price     : $49.99


                    PAYMENT DETAILS
                    We received your payment
                    Your  Visa has been charged:  ************-----
                      INVOICE DETAILS
                    Access your invoice by clicking on My Account, choosing the option Subscriptions, then Purchase History listed under your McAfee Product.
                      RENEWAL INFO Starts:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017
                    Expires:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018

                      McAfee is always working hard to keep you and your computer protected. We know your loyalty
                    depends on our ability to continually provide you with the best and most innovative security
                    products on the market. We are the only major security company that is 100% dedicated to

                      As always, we thank you for being a McAfee customer.

                      Sincerely, McAfee Team
                       Your subscription is set to renew automatically. If you have a monthly subscription,
                    we'll use the payment info we have on file to process your payment 7 days before your
                    renewal date. If you purchased a subscription of one year or longer, we'll process your
                    payment 30 days before your renewal date.

                    Cancelation & Refund Policy
                    You can cancel your subscription by turning auto-renew off from your My Account page.
                    If you purchased a monthly subscription, canceling the monthly subscription will stop
                    the recurring fee going forward, and you will have access to your subscription until
                    your last payment expires. Canceling your monthly subscription will not retroactively
                    refund subscription payments, and previously charged subscription fees cannot be
                    pro-rated based on cancelation date. If you purchased a subscription of one year or
                    longer and you are not satisfied with your McAfee software, you can request a full
                    refund within 60 days of this renewal notice.

                      To contact McAfee Customer Support, visit http://service.mcafee.com/ and select your
                    country or language.

                      This message is being sent from:  McAfee, LLC McAfee Security S.à.r.l. (Europe),
                    McAfee Co., Ltd. (Japan), McAfee Ireland Limited (Europe).
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                      Easy to fix they refund up to 30 or 60 days from payment. Also ask where the auto renewal disable is and I thought it was in the account details.( That email says it is and if yours is disabled well that is a big issue, this my personal feeling at least). I cannot check as we mods have trial versions.


                      call them in your local country. If any issues post back as we will try to escalate things for you

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                        Check you have not a Mcafee security scan in your Programs and features that is a marketing tool that abobe add to their installs. Other options are seen there as well so best to unselect the option. Unsure if that found parts of an old install and changed things I would gather that would not happen but if that program present remove it.

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                          You may try this Removal Guide also as it can scan for anything else that might be untoward.Remove "McAfee Security Scan Plus" (Uninstall Guide)