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    epo tutorial pages

      all of the posted epo 4 tutorial pages take me to this page: http://www.mcafee.com/us/

      is there like some kind of secret handshake you need to get to the https pages?

      it's getting kind of frustrating right now, since I can't seem to get a couple of basic operations working:

      1. how to turn an unmanaged system into a managed system, and how to deploy vse 8.7i to a system that has no av installed at all.

      I've followed the video tutrial ver batum and the only think that happens is the agent successfully installs, but 8.7i doesn't do anything....

      i'm kind of frustrated right now, maybe i'll have better luck and a relaxed outlook in the am :confused:
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          Yes, I'm checking them out. I'm also reading the product guide for epo402. My apologies for sounding off the way i did in my first post, i was just frustrated at the moment.

          I't weird. I got 2 workstations who had just installed vse8.71. I added those systems to epo, but they say they're unmanaged. I'm sure it's something I just haven't figured out yet.....seems like those with 8.5i installed already, the agent gets updated from epo and reads as managed...
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            To turn an unmanaged system to "mananged" by ePO you just create a machine in the ePO directory structure and then "send an agent" - used to be right click in ePO 3.5/3.6 but it's changed in V4 - may be obvious to you as you've access to the console.

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              ok, I've added the machine then in the More Actions dropdown, i send the agent (which normally you shouldn't have to do, right?) and i checked Force install over existing versions, epo server says it installs, but the workstation still will not communicate back to the epo server.....

              now, on my vse 8.5i machines, it works like a charm. these 2 had vse 8.7i installed on them. we've uninstaled the agent and vse a couple of times now and try to re install, but it just ends up doing the same thing. now this am i i changed the agent from 3.6 to 4.0 thru the check in package option under software. that shouldn't have made a difference should it?

              also on one machine we just totally disabled the xp firewall and apparently that didn't do anything to change the outcome here....

              by the way, thanks for your help and i'm enjoying reading thrugh the forums here.
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                Laszlo G
                You must also install VSE 8.7 extensions for managing it
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                  Sorry but as I'm still using ePO 3.5/3,6 I only know that the Force Agent step is necessary for those versions...

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                    I cuurently have VIRUSCAN8000, VIRUSCAN8600 and VIRUSCAN8700 extensions installed.