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    EPO 4 (Build 1151) - DAT Depolys when he wants.

      im experiencing a problem with the DAT deployment.
      we are checking in the DAT, but we do not want to deploy it to agents.
      we checked in a dat (5542 for that matter).
      there is no client task that runs DAT Update.
      but still the clients started pulling the DAT.
      after checking in the package we made a client task to run the update starting 20 hours later (start task after 20 hours /w randomization of 23 hours and 59 min.)

      we tested it and waked up an agent, and the agent did get a valid update time (within the 24 hour randomization window).
      but still for some reason in the next policy re-enfocment they pulled the package.

      is there a policy for updating DAT's?
      can some one guess whats the problem?

      thank you.