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    ePO install failure

      I have a weird issue on one machine.

      either using the framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall
      or pushing via the ePO console, it all follows the same path :
      initially I can watch it starting the install via http://pcname:8081
      (it shows only for 1..2 minutes)

      subsystem started
      scheduler is now running
      generating agen key pair
      generating agent ID
      agent will connectg to server in randomized 10 minutes interval
      next policy enforcement in 5 minutes
      agent finished enforcing policies
      next policy enforcement in 5 minutes

      and then it stops
      and a short while later I get a timeout and then the whole webpage http://pcname:8081 is not responding anymore, and it never proceeds....

      I have tried to do a complete and clean removal - make sure all folders and registry entries are gone, but every time the above happens....
      I have done the same troubleshooting steps on several other machines who were having different issus an then pushing the new ePO client always works...

      does anyone have an idea why this could be happening ???
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          I have read a KBKB53760 from Mcafee Knowledge which mention similar symptom.

          you may try to check the policy setting in the mcafee agent.
          Check the repositories tab of selecting repository by: Using order in repository list rather than the ping time. This works in my case. grin