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    New Mcafee GUI for Total Protecton not Working


      Well mcafee put  anew GUI on for total protection it worked two days ago, but the latest update broke it.  You are unable to click anything in the new GUI to launch the program. For example if i wanted to run a scan, i can put my mouse over the scan button it turns to a hand indicating clickable (see attached pic) and it wont click.i can click on the menu options in the pref icon when the listof program display and you click on them nothing comes up.  


      I can right click the mcafee icon in the taskbar  and launch the program (see attached pic 2) the program starts up in the new GUI.


      I am running windows 7 on a laptop and restored back to a week ago,  the GUI was working again, but after auto update it broke again.

      I didn't install anything only the mcafee update.


      Any suggestions appreciated.


      ps also tell mcafee the splash screen is awful and really annoying..... and they should drop it we dont need a big logo popping up everytime you start mcafee.