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    Named Pipes lost or blocked


      We recently installed the following products on Windows Server 2008 R2


      McAfee EPO Agent

      McAfee Endpoint security Version

      McAfee Threat Prevention

      McAfee Firewall

      McAfee Web Control


      Now it appears that the SQL server named pipe connections are lost (or blocked) after a period of inactivity for one of the software programs installed on the server.

      This was not happening with McAfee AV.  Is there a way to resolve this?

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          I'm going to guess the firewall is blocking it; have a look in %DefLogDir% at the logs there, especially FirewallEventMonitor, and see if you can see any blocking activity at the time you try to make a connection.


          Also, Endpoint Security is the name of the platform/suite; Threat Prevention is the AV module that plugs into that platform.  So when you say "This was not happening with McAfee AV", I presume you mean the older AV, called VirusScan Enterprise (VSE)?