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    Agent / VSE Deployment Play-by-Play question

      Can someone clarify exactly when policies are applied for each component in this scenario.
      ePO server 4, Client Task to Deploy VSE 8.7i immediatly, Some Exclusions in VSE On-Access scan, Global updating, Default Settings for everything else.

      The way I understand it, it goes somewhat like this :

      1. Deploy the agent to system from ePO console
      2. Agent installs itself
      3. Agent calls the ePO server 0-10min after installation
      4. During this initial contact, Agent downloads and enforce policies
      5. During this initial contact, Agent downloads and execute client tasks
      6. Agent installs VSE 8.7i
      7. VSE starts up On-Access Scanner
      8. VSE does initial computer scan.

      Questions :

      1. Are those steps accurate?
      2. In Step 4, when the agent download the polices, does it download policies for every products, even the one not installed?
      3. When the OAS is started in step 7, is it already using the exclusions from the ePO server.
      4. Exactly when are the latest .DAT files downloaded for VSE. Is it during the download of the VSE package or later after a global updating event is triggered?
      5. Finally in step 8, what kind of exclusions are used in the initial scan? Is creating a new VSE installation package the only way to setup exclusions for this scan?